domenica 28 febbraio 2010

mashal-001. Yes, it is!

mashal-001. Yes, it is!

by Georg Moshe Rukacs

This is the best way, perhaps, for starting this new series, not necessarily in English. Anyway... It is one of the louses, of the militians, of the white torture and white lynching in Taichung, Taiwan. ...It, with its husband cop, and, perhaps, with the whole family. Surely, with some “friend”.

Jun 25, 2009

Do they like publicity?! We [me and the skies] do it! Do they not like publicity?! We do it, equally. It is just the truth...

Below in my blog, and elsewhere in this literary site [ ], there are the details. I do not want to write more and to repeat already told things.

It is all, for now!